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I have assembled a collection of programs that will help you reach new heights as you travel the path from career to calling.

Be empowered! Be uplifted! You can do it!

My Sister CEO Vision Board Party

Successful visionaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Steve Harvey attribute a portion of their success to creating Vision Boards to achieve their personal and professional goals.

For nearly ten years, I have hosted sold-out vision board parties where attendees are given the tools and techniques to manifest their visions and dreams. It's beyond an arts and crafts event.


Our Vision Vision parties are transformational events that impact the lives and legacy of our participants.

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MY Sister CEO Vision Board Party

Get it Done, Monthly Coaching Program

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This 12-month group coaching program is one of My Sister CEO's highly sought-after programs. I unite with a powerhouse community of coaches for this one-year program to teach, coach, and empower you to GET IT DONE!

Whether it's to Write a Book, Start a Business, Launch Your Speaking platform, Start a Ministry, and the list goes on….this program is for you!! Our phenomenal team of coaches educates you on subjects such as the path to an 800 credit score to supporting your life goals to transition from employee to entrepreneur, and so much more.

Join at any time and Get it DONE!

Get it Done, Monthly Coaching Program

My Sister CEO Membership

It is more than a membership. It is a Sisterhood. Gather with like-minded women inside a safe space where you learn, grow, and thrive tougher.

Includes exclusive gatherings - Brunches & Lunches, Networking, opportunities, private training, first notice on all public events, such as retreats, conferences, and bonus program.

Your Sisterhood community awaits.

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My Sister CEO Membership

The PUSH PARTY, the Un-conference

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This one-of-a-kind event offers a fun, captivating, and collaborative experience to allow you to learn, dance, dine, and dig deep to PUSH past all the negativity, fear, and apprehension and get free and embrace the real women inside.

The event features music, dancing, on-sight makeup application, photo shoots, book signings, training from center stage influencers, speaker opportunities, leading market vendors and sponsorships, 1;1 expert advice during a lunch and learn, and soooooo much more!!

The PUSH PARTY, the Un-conference

 Speaking Messages

 Push to Your Potential

I share lessons learned during my long journey From the Front Desk to the Corner office on a high school education. Addressing the false narrative of imposter syndrome, career blockers, and answering the call of your calling and purpose in life while also working full-time in corporate America. I encourage and empower audiences to see beyond limiting beliefs and other's perception to achieving a life of ABUNDANCE!

Push to your potential.jpg
Push to Your Potential

From Employee to Entrepreneur

What does it take to go from employee to entrepreneur? Using my blueprint of my own successful journey of launching two businesses, My Sister's Closet of MD and My Sister CEO, I link arms with audiences on the path from employee to entrepreneur and avoid the pitfalls that most coaches never talk about.

From Employee to Entrepreneur

Black in the Boardroom

This is a real talk Diversity and Inclusion presentation that unveils the truth of being Black in the Boardroom. Diversity in many workplaces is just a word and not a company value leadership mindset. What do you do when you are faced with the subconscious biases of gender, race, age, and so forth along your path of climbing the corporate ladder? I share heart-wrenching stories of my career experiences, the importance of mentors, allies, and most of all, the haters.

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Black in The Board Room

Are you ready to tap into your true potential?
Then lets go!!!!

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